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Bottled Calor Propane Gas Prices

* Please call for discounts and special offers for more than one bottle
47kg Bottle Calor Propane£54.50
19kg Bottle Calor Propane£28.00
13kg Bottle Calor Propane£26.50
6kg Bottle Calor Propane£22.50
6kg (Lite) Bottle Calor Propane£26.00
3.9kg Bottle Calor Propane£17.00

Bottled Calor Butane Gas Prices

12kg Bottle Calor Butane£25.00
7kg Bottle Calor Butane£22.50
4.5kg Bottle Calor Butane£17.00

All these prices include VAT and Free Delivery

Please note these prices are for single bottle sales, please contact us for discounts on quantities.

Prices correct as of 27/03/2014 09:31:10